James Suzman on What Hunter -Gatherer Societies Teach Us About Work, Time, and Well -Being

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Course overview
In Work: A Deep History, from the Stone Age to the Age of Robots, author Dr. James Suzman challenges modern conceptions about work. He offers a stark comparison of our approach to work with that of the Ju/’hoansi, a hunter-gatherer society in southern Africa.

In this course, you’ll first uncover what work is, why we work, and the role of skills development in our success. Then, you’ll examine common misconceptions about competition, scarcity, and hierarchy. Finally, you’ll learn how agriculture, community, and prosperity influence our approach to work.

Course ID: ML_PD_017

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Certification included
On successful completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, to showcase the skills gained through this course. 

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