Rutger Bregman Offers a Hopeful History of Humankind

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In Humankind: A Hopeful History, renowned historian Rutger Bregman seeks to answer an age-old question: Are humans inherently good or bad?

Traversing the realms of psychology, history, politics, and archaeology (among other fields), Bregman concludes that, at our core, humans are decidedly good. In fact, Bregman argues, it is the very trait of friendliness that gives us an evolutionary advantage over other species.

The real problem Bregman identifies is civilization: Once we started to settle down, claim property, and live sedentary lifestyles, our health and happiness plummeted—as did our faith and trust in other people. Moreover, today’s news outlets further distort our views on the prevalence of human violence and cruelty.

So, how did the long-held belief that humans are essentially aggressive and selfish come to be? And how can we get back to our true nature? In this course, you’ll learn the answer to these questions while exploring scientific findings that support humanity’s “goodness.” You’ll then dismantle the entrenched beliefs that keep us from trusting one another and imagining a better future. 

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